IPA Lithuania celebrates its 25th Anniversary … Let’s be young!

10 Jul 2019

LT 25th Anniversary 9Although the month of May can be very variable weather-wise in Lithuania, Saturday, 18 May was extremely sunny, full of smiles and good mood. There was a special reason for this:  the Lithuanian section of the IPA celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Both the national congress and the celebrations took part in one of the most amazing places in Vilnius – Belmontas. We were honoured by our guests who celebrated our anniversary with us: the President of the International Police Association, Pierre-Martin Moulin, the Presidents and members of the Estonian, Latvian and Polish IPA sections, as well as guests from IPA Ukraine and collLT 25th Anniversary 6eagues from the Georgian Police, members of which are Foreign Associate Members of the IPA.

The congress started with the speeches of the President of the Lithuanian section, Vytautas Pliuskus, the President of the IPA, Pierre-Martin Moulin, the Commissioner General of the Lithuanian police, Linas Pernavas (who is also the vice president of IPA Lithuania), and the first President of IPA Lithuania, Ramutis Oleka.

So what was, and is, the IPA in Lithuania? The best answers were presented in all of these inspiring speeches. Throughout the years, IPA Lithuania has proven itself as a trustful partner in the police community. Our section supports innovative changes and challenges; it opens a window to the whole world, enabling all of us to meet our counterparts abroad, as well as to invite everyone to our country to enjoy our hospitality and to see how 25 years have changed us, the IPA and the police.

What unites us all around the world? The answer is very simple: our blue membership card and somewhere, deep in our hearts, the feeling that we belong to one the biggest fellowships that exists, and which is based on friendship.  

LT 25th Anniversary 3Later on, the delegates, members of the board and observers became acquainted with the annual report of IPA Lithuania, presented by the Secretary General, Vytautas Jasiulevicius, the annual financial statements and the draft budget for this year, which were presented by Eglė Zekaite, our Office Administrator, and Rimas Leleckas, our Treasurer, who presented his proposals for possible budgeting.

In addition, the Internal Auditor Algis Kojala presented the annual financial activity audit report. All these documents were unanimously approved by the delegates of the congress.

After the serious part of the meeting, all guests and delegates switched to ‘party mode’. More than 150 guests were entertained by the ‘Old City Band’ from Klaipeda and dancers of the Latin American dance group ‘Zuvėdra’, with the event being hosted by one of the most popular entertainers of Lithuania, Remigijus Ziogas.

Time flew quickly, but the smiles of everyone there proved that maybe the IPA is like an old-fashioned phone, but it still connects people J

Rasa Stasiulaitiene, Board member IPA Lithuania