IPA Lithuania takes part in 100th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Police

07 Jan 2019

Servo PernavasBoard members of IPA Lithuania met with high-ranking guests of the 100th anniversary of the Lithuanian Police, which took place from 28 – 29 September 2018. Amongst the attending officials were Europol's Executive Director, Catherine De Bolle from Belgium, Police Chiefs from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Moldova and Poland, as well as other honorary guests.

Estonian, Latvian and Polish police delegations attending the Lithuanian Police and Community Festival were welcomed by Uno Laas, President of IPA Estonia, Ilze Ungure, President of IPA Latvia, and Radoslaw Skubina, Deputy Secretary General of IPA Poland.

In addition, the General Commissioner of the Lithuanian Police and Vice President of IPA Lithuania, Linas Pernavas, his deputies and other high-ranking Lithuanian Police Chiefs took part in the celebration and meetings.

All guests received scarves displaying the colours of their national or the Lithuanian flags, coats of arms and the IPA logo.

motoshowThe meeting took place in a very friendly atmosphere. Vytautas Pliuskus, President of IPA Lithuania, held the opening speech and also read out a letter from the IPA President, Pierre-Martin Moulin, congratulating the Lithuanian Police on the occasion of the centenary.

As a symbolic gift for the meaningful cooperation between the Lithuanian Police and the Lithuanian Section, the General Commissioner of the Lithuanian Police, Linas Pernavas, was presented with a scarf depicting the symbols of the Lithuanian Police and IPA Lithuania, as well as the IPA motto ‘Servo per Amikeco’.

The next day, the festivities continued in the centre of Vilnius, and celebrations began with a Holy Mass for the Lithuanian Police in Vilnius Cathedral Basilica, held by Archbishop Gintaras Grušas.

Thereafter, the celebrations moved to Cathedral Square, where a congratulatory message by the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, was read out to the public, and police officers were congratulated by the Minister of the Interior, Eimutis Misiūnas, and the Head of the Police, Linas Pernavas. The official part of the celebrations finished with the awarding of police officers for exemplary service and the ceremonial oath of the police cadets of the Lithuanian Police School.

katedra eisena

All those attending were able to enjoy a performance by the wind orchestra of the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior, as well as a parade of the Lithuanian Army Honour Guard Unit. This was followed by demonstrations of the Police Horse Unit, the Police dog handlers, and mobile team officials, plus a female police motorcycle squadron and moto-acrobats showed incredible tricks. The official cars decorated with IPA symbols from neighbouring countries received a lot of attention, and it was obvious that the public was keen to interact with the officials, curiously inspecting their vehicles.

Most people eagerly awaited the appearance of the anti-terrorism operations unit of the Lithuanian Police ‘Aras’, whose show was as impressive as ever, this time involving two helicopters in a complicated manoeuvre. The festival also featured an interactive police exposition of all police units, where the public could update their knowledge.


The overall message portrayed at the anniversary celebrations was clear: the Lithuanian Police is a strong and modern institution, whose officers are ready to protect and defend our people and our country.

Laura Zaleskiene and Ramūnas Matonis, Board members IPA Lithuania