IPA Montenegro welcome new IPA members on International Women’s Day

19 Apr 2022

On the occasion of the International Women's Day 2022, the IPA Section of Montenegro awarded IPA cadet membership cards to 28 women cadets of the XIV and XV generation.

The attendees were welcomed by the acting director of the Police Academy, Mr Dragan Pavličić, who warmly thanked the IPA Section for taking care of their students and future policewomen.


Furthermore, he wished them a very happy International Women’s Day on behalf of the Police Academy and, on his own behalf, expressed great pleasure that he was able to welcome young, valuable and responsible women, who had shown themselves as devoted students, and who would be proving themselves as exceptional managers, counsellors and policewomen, with tremendous knowledge and enthusiasm:

“You deserve attention and trust, not only on this day, but much much more, on each and every single day”, concluded Mr Pavličić.

The president of the regional centre, Mr Duško Baković, then spoke about the importance of women in the police, emphasising that they should work hard to earn leadership positions, as the presence of more women raises the confidence of people, especially women, in the police.

Jelena Albijanić Tomić, Regional Public Relations Officer, IPA Montenegro