IPA Newsletter April 2021 - Last word

30 Apr 2021

Some months, it takes me a while to decide what to write in the Last Word, and often inspiration comes late in the day. This month, there was no hesitation: after 7 years of working together at the IAC, Kerry came ‘top of the list’ to share with you 😊.kerry2

As a leaving gift, I put together a small newsletter for Kerry, trying to highlight memorable IPA moments we experienced together at the IAC. Looking through many photos over an evening proved one aspect in particular: we had fun!

As work takes up a considerable amount of time in all our lives, I think the ‘fun factor’ is vital. Work should be challenging and rewarding. Of course it can be hard, but above all, it is about the people we spend our time with, and how we get on.

Kerry has been a lovely colleague: dedicated, reliable and enthusiastic. We had the privilege of preparing for and working together at five IPA World Congresses: Potsdam, Limassol, Albena, Rotterdam and Dubrovnik, and have seen the arrival of two new International Executive Boards.

IAC life with Kerry was never dull: many of these moments can definitely not be shared with the wider public 😊, but I can mention here that Kerry’s first flight to a congress resulted in both of us being questioned at airport security … the IPA sports trophy had arrived late, resulting in Kerry deciding to carry it in her hand luggage … neither of us was aware that this would resemble a large weapon on the airport scanning machines … We also braved jogging together along what turned out to be a motorway in Bulgaria – and survived (!), as well as cycling on the wrong side of the cycling track over a massive bridge in Rotterdam (a deadly sin judging by the Dutch cyclists coming the other way and shouting at us). Just a few of many fun moments.

During the last year, Kerry, Daniel and I have been working from home. A different experience, but shared through many group video calls each day. I am thankful to Kerry and Daniel for upholding the IAC team spirit in these challenging times. I am pleased that Daniel has accepted the chance to take over some of Kerry’s duties, and, true to form, Kerry’s handover has been exemplary. I have therefore no doubt that Daniel has all the tools in hand to continue the great work Kerry has done.

Thanks, Kerry, for the past 7 years, and all the best for your new position!