IPA Newsletter April 2022 - Last word

29 Apr 2022

Reading through this month’s newsletter articles, I feel a sense of gratitude working for an association made up of thousands of individuals who take the IPA motto of ‘Servo per Amikeco – Service through Friendship’ truly to their hearts.

Assisting those in need is the common denominator in the majority of articles in this edition. We are only able to publish a very small proportion of the countless IPA initiatives aimed at helping IPA members and refugees in Ukraine these past few weeks – but the three examples featured in this edition illustrate how far IPA members and boards are prepared to go, and how much they are willing to assist, when help is needed most.

IPA members coming to the aid of those in need is not restricted to Ukraine, but is also evident on a day-to-day basis in incidences that do not make the world news: IPA sections, regions as well as individuals raise money for worthy causes in Christmas initiatives, organise fundraising events when disasters strike, or show their support by making a donation to a fellow member who has lived through an extremely tough time.

To give, to help, to take care, is at the heart of the IPA.

It will therefore be all the more of a joyous occasion for IPA members from 68 sections to come together for the first world gathering in three years, to celebrate IPA solidarity and exchange friendship – a small taste of what will expect those who attend can be found in IPA Spain’s article on the 65th IPA World Congress in this newsletter.