IPA Newsletter December 2018 - Word of introduction

28 Dec 2018

Dear friends,

The last newsletter of the year! Already! And almost time to close the 2018 books.

When you mention that the end of the year is getting close, you receive many different comments in return, such as: ‘May the next year come fast’; ‘I don't like Christmas time’; ‘I am happy to leave this year behind’; or ‘I hope  that next year will be better’.

I don’t know why, but it seems to me that we always hear more negative than positive comments when approaching this time of the year. Not for me to judge though.

Personally, I think that everything is going too fast, and that time is definitely getting shorter and harder to seize, like a hare that we run after trying to catch!  With the added disadvantage that when getting older, we can't run as fast anymore, and the hare seems to accelerate J. What a contradiction!

In any case, reaching the end of 2018 gives me the opportunity to deliver three messages:

  • Thank you to all of you for giving so much of your time, energy, motivation and ideas to our Association in 2018. The calendar of events proved once more that the IPA is alive and active in so many parts of the world. With so many successful events and projects gathering us all, we can rest assured that the IPA is developing in the true spirit of friendship.


  • Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it, and best wishes for the holidays. If you are able to, stop for a few days and take the opportunity to gather and enjoy spending time with the people you love.


  • Finally, my sincere wishes of sympathy and courage to all our members who are suffering from illness or pain of any kind, those who have lost a loved one this year, or who are experiencing the grief of separation or the suffering of someone else. May this special time of the year and the spirit of Christmas be a balm to soothe your wounds, as deep and painful as they may be.

Best wishes to you all, and thank you for believing in the ideals of the IPA.

Servo per Amikeco

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President