IPA Newsletter December 2019 - Word of Introduction

04 Dec 2019

Dear Friends,

December already!

“An end is always a new beginning in disguise”, some say…

Let’s regard the Holidays coming soon as a transition time, a moment we can put on hold, a suspension between the year we are about to leave and the one ready to start, a cloud full of dreams, the ones already lived and the ones we wish for.

Let these Holidays also be the time when we will show our motto “Servo per Amikeco” at its best. There are so many ways to do so.

For now, allow me to:

  • Thank all IPA friends across the world for believing in our Association, defending its values and for giving your time and energy for the development of the IPA. So much has been achieved around the world in 2019. Every single one of us is needed for the good of the IPA. Let’s make 2020 an even better one than the current year.
  • Extend to all of you my wishes for a Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and happy Holidays. May this time of the year give you an opportunity to share some unforgettable times with the ones you love.
  • Present my sincere wishes of sympathy and courage to all our members who are suffering from illness, pain or from the loss of a loved one. This time of the year certainly sharpens the pain. But may the affection of relatives or IPA friends ease your pain.

The IPA is what we make of it, and everyone is needed for the good of it. May the journey continue, and our association keep growing, in the true spirit of our founder, especially at the door of 2020, when the IPA will proudly celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Best wishes to you all.

Servo per Amikeco,

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President