IPA Newsletter December 2021 - Last word

28 Dec 2021

Another year gone, another 11 international IPA newsletters circulated, uploaded onto the international website and shared on social media! Time for a short recap:

I am happy that this year, despite the pandemic, we were able to include 132 articles, giving you the pleasure of reading 12 articles in each of our 11 monthly editions. 70% of the articles came from sections: 37 participated this year from six continents.

Pictures say more than words, and I am pleased that 339 photos were published. Many more were sent by sections – why not look at our Photo-gallery on the IPA international website to discover more?

The fantastic range of talent within the IPA never ceases to amaze me, and we are very lucky to have an incredible number of high-quality photos at our disposal through the IPA Photo Competitions: this year, six newsletter front covers featured photos from this very successful IPA initiative.

Last, but not least I would like to thank all IPA sections, IBZ Gimborn and the IEB: with your support, we are able to continue promoting the IPA as widely as possible through the IPA Newsletter 😊.