IPA Newsletter February 2022 - Last word

25 Feb 2022

Nottingham, which is close to where the International Administration Centre is located and the city I live in, has a large Chinese population, thanks to a well-established partnership between the University of Nottingham and its campus in Ningbo, China.

1st February, the date for this year’s Chinese New Year, is therefore celebrated widely at the university, and my family and I took the opportunity to attend our first event since Omicron hit us: a beautiful light show in the University Park.

The celebrations for the Year of the Tiger featured the projection of spectacular images and sequences onto the university’s main building, which all participants were able to admire from across a lake. The motto of the event was aptly chosen: HOPE.

Now in our third year of Covid, I sense that events and occasions for people to gather have somewhat changed – opportunities to meet are not taken for granted anymore, and those attending show a welcome degree of happiness and friendliness. To me, the New Year light show was not only fantastic because of the beauty of the images shown, but even more so due to the many chats and smiles exchanged with everyone else, who was simply extremely happy to be there.

At the IAC, although we unfortunately already had to circulate a few cancellations of IPA events this past month, we are very much full of HOPE that 2022 is finally the year when IPA life, in all its facets, returns to normal, including such joyous occasions as friendship weeks, the IPA Games, and most of all the IPA World Congress.

For now, I share a few images from the celebrations with you, and wish all those in the IPA family who celebrate it, a HAPPY NEW YEAR OF THE TIGER!