IPA Newsletter June 2019 - Word of introduction

12 Jun 2019

Dear friends,

As President, I am often asked what the official position of the IPA is regarding all different kinds of issues. These questions can come from members of the public, IPA members, associations, human rights’ organisations, political leaders, to name but a few, and can be related to security issues, major events, political themes, or any other topic where a statement of an organisation such as ours could be of interest or serve the purpose of those who contacted me.

It is a very sensitive issue, and most of the time, I cannot commit our association by issuing an official statement on behalf of the IPA. There are numerous aspects to consider which may result in me being unable to fulfil such requests:

  • for statutory reasons, when the question asked would endanger the image and perception of the IPA, and would lead us away from what the IPA, with its values and aims, stands for.
  • for the obvious reason that on some matters, the agreement of  our supreme body, the International Executive Council (IEC), would be necessary, in order to find a common acceptable denominator.
  • for simple cultural or social reasons, in cases where it would be difficult to find such a common acceptable denominator, due to major differences of how a specific topic is viewed or approached by all sections of our association.

I could probably name further reasons, but I hope you see the point I am making.

This topic does not only concern my position, though, as I am sure many of you in the IPA are contacted regularly with requests of a similar nature. I therefore ask all of you to consider requests you might receive about our association with prudence, keeping in mind who we are, what the aims of our association are, and what kind of statements we can or cannot commit ourselves to.

On a separate note, as this period of the year is very rich in regional gatherings, assemblies and other events, I wish you all productive meetings, and a very enjoyable time together, in the true spirit of our motto “Servo per Amikeco”.

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President