IPA Newsletter June 2020 - Last word

30 Jun 2020

Now in our 10th week of coronavirus restrictions in the United Kingdom, I especially like the article supplied by IPA Slovenia, an interview with psychologist Elizabeta Vovko, which provides interesting background information and useful help in the current crisis.

I am convinced that adhering to a daily routine, taking the effort to do plenty of exercise, and maintaining good relationships with family members as well as friends has helped me immensely over the past few weeks.

With a multitude of negative news all around us, I try to focus on the positive aspects I have in my life right now, of which there are many, even if they seem little and insignificant at times.

Without the need to commute to work each day, for example, I am now able to spend my early mornings with a good cup of coffee and some breakfast in our garden – a real treat!

My home office in the kitchen means I work pretty much in the centre of the house. I found out that in this way, my kids now are much more aware of what I actually do for my job on a day-to-day basis: they see me writing emails, hear me talking in Zoom meetings or on the phone, and have by now also witnessed me editing and assembling a few monthly IPA Newsletters 😊

All members of our household have benefitted so much from learning what each of us does, and I very much value the advice I receive from my husband as well as my kids on various issues related to work. Something to cherish and keep for the future, when slowly things return to normal.

I wish you all a lovely month of June – with many positive experiences!