IPA Newsletter March 2022 - Word of introduction

03 Mar 2022

Dear IPA friends,


I hope you are safe and well, but sadly I know that some of you are not, and are in deadly harm’s way. There are currently many military conflicts around the world, but the invasion of Ukraine by its huge neighbour Russia is for us very different, as it involves two nations with IPA sections.

The reaction by many IPA sections and numerous individual members is evident in the emails and posts we in the International Executive Board (IEB) have received. I shall attend my first physical branch and regional meetings for a long time in the coming days, and I have no doubt that Ukraine and our colleagues there will feature strongly in our discussions.

The IPA President, Pierre-Martin Moulin, has contacted IPA Ukraine to ask how we can offer assistance. The Treasurer Social Affairs, Martin Hoffmann, is looking at how to coordinate aid to IPA members in need, in Ukraine and possibly to any neighbouring sections who are receiving families of IPA Ukraine members fleeing their homeland. The IEB has taken the principled decision to extend the remit for Emergency Aid to include the war in Ukraine.

We shall disseminate details as soon as we are advised by our friends in IPA Ukraine, how best to proceed.

Pierre has published a letter to all sections outlining our position. He has now dispatched a letter endorsed by all in the IEB, to the President of IPA Russia, seeking a statement on their position regarding the invasion, and demanding the removal of highly political articles on their website. The timescale for receipt of their reply is a matter of days. Further action will be based on the reply, if any, from Section Russia. Nothing is ruled out by the IEB. The punitive actions being taken by other organisations and bodies in relation to Russia are being taken into account in our decision-making process.

I and all my colleagues in the IEB hope and pray that peace will be restored to Ukraine and its citizens as soon as humanly possible.


Servo per Amikeco,


Stephen Crockard, Head of Administration