IPA Newsletter May 2019 - Word of introduction

03 May 2019

Time to strengthen ties

Dear friends,

Two of our sections were severely hit recently: Mozambique and Sri Lanka.


In mid-March, Cyclone Idai tore down entire villages and cities, destroyed crops, displaced hundreds of thousands of people and forced untold numbers of children out of schools that are damaged or became evacuation centres. On 25 April, Cyclone Kenneth hit Mozambique again, and nearly 800,000 people were in the storm path. Many IPA members or other members of the police have been injured, died and lost everything.

IMG-20190319-WA0079The IEB sent immediate financial emergency aid to Section Mozambique, and an emergency aid appeal has been launched, calling for solidarity and financial support. At the end of this introduction, you will find the bank details, and instructions for any donations you wish to make. Thank you for your generosity and may this help our friends in Mozambique to provide support to our affected members.

Sri Lanka

On 21 April, we were all profoundly shocked to hear about the terror that had struck Sri Lanka, killing and wounding so many innocent people and police officers among them. We sent our most sincere condolences and deepestcandle sympathy to our friends of IPA Sri Lanka. A few days later I received a reply from the Inspector General of Police who is also the President of IPA Sri Lanka, and who asked to convey his sincere appreciation to all of you for your great concern towards the Sri Lankan Police and the people of Sri Lanka.

I could name many other sections of the IPA where our members are also facing tough situations and are giving a lot of themselves for helping those in need, to keep the peace or to defend the values of human rights.

In such times, let us strengthen the ties between us. Any donation, any gesture, any thought is welcome to help our friends.

Servo per Amikeco

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President