IPA Newsletter September 2021 - Word of introduction

03 Sep 2021

Dear IPA Friends,


A look at the international media has made me more and more thoughtful in recent months, and I am extremely concerned about the news from all over the world about the current world climate.

There have been new all-time heat records with almost 50 degrees Celsius in Canada and Italy. High temperatures have led to wildfires in the USA, Canada, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and many other countries in the Mediterranean region and around the Black Sea.

The increasing amounts of rain can no longer be absorbed by the ground, causing dramatic floods, such as in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Russia, Turkey, Japan and China, as well as massive landslides in Japan and Norway.

The ‘eternal ice’ in the Arctic and Antarctic, plus the glaciers in Greenland and Iceland are melting faster than ever before, and the permafrost in Russia is beginning to thaw. This is already leading to rising sea levels, which according to the UN World Climate Report of August 2021 can no longer be stopped. Whole archipelagos and states will sink into the sea.

Strong hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones can be observed around the planet, and deadly tornadoes do not only threaten the USA all year round, but now also increasingly occur in Europe, such as most recently in the Czech Republic.

As if all this wasn’t enough, for economic reasons, primeval forests in the Amazon and elsewhere are being burnt, decimating the green lungs of the earth bit by bit.

When I look at these dramatic events of the last year, it is difficult for me to remain optimistic. The future of our children and our planet is at stake!

In my opinion, it is also the responsibility of the IPA to become active in environmental protection, and to actively support environmental projects. One idea could be an annual "Save the Planet Award" for IPA sections, which are particularly committed to projects for the preservation of the planet. Practicalities and details would still have to be discussed.

I hope I don’t come across as too negative, but I am sure we need to act now. The IPA can contribute in this field. Together we can achieve anything! We owe it to our children!

Finally, an important note: the IEB facilitates help for all sections struck by severe natural disasters, in which IPA friends or police colleagues are affected. We support you in applying for immediate emergency aid from the IEB, and with an international appeal to all IPA sections for donations. The relevant documents can be requested either directly from me (ts@ieb-ipa.org) or via the IAC (iac@ieb-ipa.org).

Servo per Amikeco,

Martin Hoffmann, Treasurer Social Affairs