IPA Newsletter Survey - Enter our Prize Draw!

07 Feb 2020

surveycapThank you very much to all readers who replied to our January survey question of ‘Which section do you come from?’.

Looking at the overall figures, the response was not great: we received only 78 replies (yes, you read this correctly) ☹

We hope that many more people read our January edition, and we are convinced that we simply did not manage to catch enough of your attention to encourage you to reply to our survey!

On the positive side, readers from 23 sections replied, which represents just over 1/3 of all our sections. A great start, but this can still be improved.

Top spots go to our readers in Ireland, Sweden and Canada, which between them accounted for 49 % of all responses. Thank you for your contribution!

This month, we are looking at a different aspect – and – to encourage you to answer our February survey, we will pick out 10 replies at random and offer them a small IPA gift.

If you are interested in winning, as well as communicating with us, please enter our next survey by clicking the red button:

survey button

Thanks in advance and good luck!