IPA Poland’s Nowy Targ Region organises Charity Ice Hockey Match

23 Nov 2019

Hockey Tournament (14)IPA Poland’s Nowy Targ Region, following on from an event in March 2019, organised a charity ice hockey tournament  on 13 and 14 September 2019, in aid of raising funds for Asia Podczerwińska, granddaughter of an IPA member of the IPA Nowy Targ Region, who suffers from fibular hemimelia.

Policemen from Poland and Slovakia took part in this event, which also provided an opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Polish State Police. The project was held under the patronage of the District Police Commander in Nowy Targ, the Mayor of Nowy Targ, Staroste of Poviat of Nowy Targ, the Director of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre in Nowy Targ, the Director of the Municipal Culture Centre in Nowy Targ, as well as the Presidents of the IPA Polish and Slovak Sections.

Teams from IPA Nowy Targ and IPA Tychy played, with active and retired policemen from Trencin and Poprad having accepted the invitation to participate in the tournament. The ice could not miss the tiny star of the tournament, Asia, who together with her dad Sebastian and grandfather Jacek, welcomed everyone present at the ceremonial opening of the tournament.

The fight was fierce from the very beginning, but a joint understanding to avoid harsh actions and play for "higher goals" Hockey Tournament (7)had the expected effect. There was no place for fouls and penalties.

The Cheerleaders Podhale team from the Dance Academy in Nowy Targ Cheerleaders Stars dance group presented a fantastic choreography to accompany the tournament.

The match for the first place, between IPA Trencin and IPA Nowy Targ, was very fierce. Players of both teams showed hockey play at a high level, taking into account that in the audience there were people who watched an ice hockey competition for the first time. The final result was 13:10.

After the medal ceremony and the taking of joint photos, the youngest players from the Podhale Municipal Youth Sports Club gave a beautiful demonstration of their skills. At the end of the tournament, all participants had the opportunity to test their skills with players of the extra league, the most successful hockey club in Poland - the Podhale Nowy Targ Sports Club.

Hockey Tournament (3)

After counting the funds collected during the two-day tournament, it turned out that we were able to collect over 1,300 €!  This amount will increase by the proceeds from the online auction of T-shirts signed by famous Polish celebrities.

We hope that the joint support of many organisations, as well as ourselves, will help Asia regain fitness. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Further photos are available by following the links below:

Photo report: S.Kiciński; Zybi Foto: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kV5qL8ekZNChiJcs6

Szymon Pyzowski Podhale24: https://www.facebook.com/simonpyzowski/media_set


Mateusz Kapołka, IPA Poland