IPA registered at the European Parliament

20 Nov 2018

ep2The External Relations Commission successfully registered the IPA in October 2018 at the European Parliament (EP) - see picture.

With the registration in the Parliament`s transparency list, the IPA gets access to all meetings, initiatives or legal acts of the EP, in particular in the area of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), education and training, Frontex and EUROPOL, as well as the fight against terrorism. Further to this, selected IPA members will have the possibility to apply for an access card to the EP in Brussels and Strasbourg.

IPA members who would like to contribute to the above-mentioned topics may get in touch with the representative of the IPA in Brussels, Oliver Hoffmann (oliver.hoffmann@ipa-deutschland.de). The Chairperson of the External Relations Commission Alexey Gankin and Oliver Hoffmann will coordinate all contributions.

IPA sections may wish to consider registering their section at their respective federal parliament’s transparency list in order to participate in law-making processes or regional initiatives.

Oliver Hoffmann, ERC Representative Brussels