IPA Romania hold Regional Conferences in the Danube Delta

20 Aug 2021

With the first signs of normality appearing after the covid restrictions, the IPA Romanian Section rose to the level of the expectations of its members, who were eagerly looking forward to the first face-to-face meetings.

Therefore, at the end of May 2021 and the beginning of June, two regional conferences were organised in the Danube Delta, where our members socialised, and were able to spend time with each other after a long break. The participants talked, shared thoughts, smiled and most of all, had fun.

The Danube Delta has always been, and will remain a place of miraculous contemplation, and all participants could experience the beautiful sights of these places, and the traditions of Dobrogea, together with their loved ones.

The issues related to the way the association should develop further were discussed in a short presentation, and several points related to the future of the IPA were highlighted, such as rebranding, marketing, the development of modern communication channels, etc.


It is worth mentioning that delegates of IPA Moldova followed our invitation to the conference, thus enabling us to reopen our programme of international activities. It is always a great opportunity to meet the Romanians from across the Prut, our friendship representing a real bridge across the border. We hope that IPA life will return to normal soon, and that we will be able to organise further such activities in the near future, especially as our members' expectations are high.

Mihai-Liviu Tărtăreanu, President IPA Romania