IPA Romania reach Milestone of 25 years’ Affiliation

20 Oct 2021

29 years ago, Mr. Iulian Medrea brought the IPA project to Romania, after attending a professional meeting in the Netherlands. Four years later, in 1996, the Romanian Section received the IPA affiliation certificate during the World Congress organised in Brisbane, Australia.

Thus, we celebrate this year a quarter of a century from the moment of affiliation, and for the Romanian Section, the elapsed time has been a road of trials as well as of achievements, which translated into projects with people and about people who wear uniforms! Small steps starting with the dream of a great man - Mr. Iulian Medrea.ro252

Even today the memory of this emblematic figure remains in the association, and people fondly remember the man who always found resources to smile, to do good, and to help.

Today we look with confidence to the future stages we want to go through, rightly considering that in a real partnership with state institutions, we can support a change and an improvement in the level of performance of the entities we operate with! It is obvious that the last years have brought - through social transformation - a dilution of the spirit of camaraderie, that has lost its brilliance, although it is so necessary in our professional environment.

When we all understand that beyond the missions we participate in on a daily basis, we also share common beliefs and issues and passions, the common performance will certainly reach higher standards.

The IPA has the strategic objectives to increase the level of satisfaction of its members, and to support the institutional segment in any approach that involves the professionalisation of the police service offered to citizens.

Dignity, honour, and loyalty are just some of the key milestones we need to strengthen in future projects. Belonging to a professional family in which the sacrifices are constant, implies a fantastic individual responsibility, and the IPA has the necessary levers to consolidate over time, which implies a collective assumption of the decisive role we have in society. Institutions are not made up of walls.

The most important element of any organisation is its human resource. Our motto, Servo per Amikeco, essentially includes the frequency in which our relationship with citizens must take place, the relationship between us.

Mihai-Liviu Tărtăreanu, President IPA Romania