IPA Romania support Ukrainian Refugees on many Levels

07 Apr 2022

We all know that we are going through an extremely difficult time. We didn't even get to enjoy the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is coming to an end, when in 2022 we found ourselves in Europe faced with a full-blown war. Many people have struggled to make ends meet.

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It is almost impossible to imagine that something like this could happen in the 21st century in Europe. In a short time, wonder was replaced by fear, and fear was replaced by the desire to do something, to help. The drama of the Ukrainian people fighting for freedom today is huge. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled into exile to escape the bombs, hundreds of thousands more are fighting with weapons in their hands to defend their country.

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All the countries that have a common border with Ukraine were confronted with a high number of refugees and, in a common front, Romanians, Poles, Moldovans, amongst others, have shown humanity and solidarity.

The IPA Romanian Section could not remain passive in this macabre show orchestrated under the veiled threat of a nuclear war. From messages of support to convoys of material aid, the Romanian IPA regions and IPA members have shown that our association’s motto ‘Servo per Amikeco’ is not simply a slogan, but the essence of a pattern of social behaviour.

May peace guide us in all our decisions, and may we remain united, because united we are stronger!

Mihai-Liviu Tărtăreanu, President IPA Romania