IPA Romania’s Fight against Covid-19

15 Jun 2020

rocov2The terrible reality both in Romania and also on an international level due to the SARS-Cov-2 virus pandemic compelled IPA Romania to take a series of measures to help prevent the spread of the virus and to protect its members, therefore acting at the forefront of the fight against this insidious enemy.

The President of the Romanian Section and the other members of the National Executive Board remained close to the association’s regions and were in contact with the management of the department dealing with emergency situations within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They supported IPA members who fought the deadly virus through all the means they had at their disposal.

In such difficult times for the whole world, the police officers and gendarmes were on duty from the start of the state of emergency, ensuring public order, reinforcing a feeling of security, and maintaining a state of tranquility and calm in the localities and cities where they acted.

The military firemen and the other forces of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations acted directly in the midst of events, working together with the health professionals in any emergency situation, always risking their health and their lives without thinking of themselves for a moment.

Showing true solidarity and proving again that we are a great family, the other structures that form the IPA Romanian Section supported actively and directly all activities carried out by the law enforcement agencies to prevent the spread of the virus by carrying out sustained activities at the Romanian state borders and within the country in accordance with their responsibilities.

For all these activities, for their mode of action, for their devotion and self-denial that they proved during this time, for the spirit of sacrifice they manifested in the tough fight with the unseen but dangerous enemy, the IPA Romanian Section members deserve sincere congratulations and thanks, together with all our respect.

The war against the pandemic is far from over, but we are committed to ensure that all members of IPA Romania have our continued support and all our attention until we are able to defeat this invisible enemy for good.

Servo per Amikeco!

Florin Olaru, President IPA Romaniarocov3