IPA Serbia’s Kikinda Region offers Humanitarian Aid

15 Apr 2022

The wish to help was at the heart of IPA Serbia’s Kikinda region when disaster hit a local family.

During the night of 7-8 February 2022, a fire broke out in the chimney of the house of the Martinov family from Mol in the municipality of Ada, and then spread to other rooms of the house and the ceiling, causing the entire house of about 60 m2 and its contents to burn down. The family stayed on the street for one night, and their situation was all the more serious due to their severe health issues.

Shortly afterwards, representatives of local businesses from the municipality of Ada and the local government came to the rescue and provided construction materials for the erection of a new house for the family. At the initiative of the Ada IPA sub-region and with the support of the IPA Kikinda region, the decision was made to organise a humanitarian fundraising event.

On 7 March 2022, a dinner was organised in Ada for all members of the IPA Kikinda region, as well as for IPA supporters and businesspeople of the Ada municipality. Each guest had the opportunity to donate money, which would go towards the family, as an aid in solving their housing problem. The IPA region of Kikinda was guided by the slogan: "A little bit from us - means a lot to someone". On that evening, an amount of about 100 ,000 Dinars was collected (around 900 Euros).


On 16 March 2022, a delegation of the national IPA Serbia section - Kikinda region visited the unfortunate family to see in person what had happened, and what they were going through. Proud of the humanity of the entrepreneurs of the municipality of Ada, the local government, as well as the IPA members who recognised the need to collect aid, the IPA Kikinda delegation handed over the collected money and gifts to the family, in the hope that they will soon have a new home.

We wish the Martinov family health, peace, and happiness.

Servo per Amikeco!

 Čedomir Vidicki, Secretary General Kikinda Region IPA Serbia