IPA Slovenia organise Police Orchestra Charity Concert

15 Apr 2019

FB IMG 1549735040908In January 2019, IPA Club Celje, in association with the Police Directorate Celje and the Regional Police Trade Union Celje, staged a charity concert of the Police Orchestra, with well-known Slovenian singer Nuša Derenda and a vocal music group, IL-divji, performing as guests.

In collaboration with the humanitarian society ‘Enostavno pomagam’ from Celje, we collected donations for children living in poverty and for those with special needs. Part of the donations from the fundraising was given to one of our colleagues from the Police Orchestra, who was has been left alone with his son after the loss of his wife.

More than 1,150 people attended the concert. As always, the Police Orchestra enthralled the audience, as did Nuša Derenda and the vocal music group. The atmosphere at the event was very pleasant, due to the exceptionally positive energy of both the performers and the people in the audience, who showed their enjoyment of the concert programme with standing ovations.

FB IMG 1549735233683The organisers of the concert are very proud that we managed to collect 6,779.11 €. With these donations, we will be able to bring smiles to many children's faces.

IPA Club Celje successfully cooperates with the Police Directorate Celje and the Regional Police Trade Union Celje. The organisation of the charity concert was one amongst numerous well-regarded projects that we prepared together, and we will most definitely continue with similar activities.

Božidar Pezdevšek, President of IPA Club Celje, Slovenia

Photos: Dejan Mužič and Klemen Uduč