IPA Spain’s wonderful ‘Tour of Gambia 2021’

17 Jan 2022

Dear colleagues and Friends!

We are extremely pleased to find ourselves back home once more, after having successfully completed the 2nd edition of the "IPA Tour of Gambia" from 20th to 27th November 2021, organised by the Vallés Occidental IPA branch (Barcelona) and the invaluable and fundamental help of IPA Catalunya and the sponsorship of IPA Spain.

As planned, in addition to having enjoyed an unforgettable cycling adventure through this African country, during our journey we lived moments of irrepressible mutual emotion with the local civilian population and of great fraternity with our colleagues of the Gambian police force.

On our route, our team formed by police members of the IPA (Spanish and Gambian), as well as doctors and mechanics, we gave our help to the most disadvantaged Gambian population in separate and remote places of the country, by delivering many different kinds of ítems, such as medical & health, school, sports, police etc., and working tirelessly through the assembly of various goods and items such as last generation water purifiers (which in particular will significantly reduce infant mortality) and also providing medical care mainly to children and the elderly in villages lacking the most basic services, such as drinking water and electricity.

In addition, at the end of our week-long tour, we proceeded to deliver our brand new bicycles to a local school, in order to make life a little easier for children who must walk several kilometers daily to attend school.


With the satisfaction of our fulfilled duty and with the images and experiences still fresh in our eyes and hearts, we are already working on organising the 3rd edition of the "IPA Tour of Gambia" from 12-19 November 2022!

If you wish to join us and participate, please contact us on: ipavalles@hotmail.com.

Servo per Amikeco,

IPA Vallés Occidental Barcelona – Spain