IPA Sri Lanka Charity Event: S.K. Liu Scholarships for Children of Sri Lankan Police Officers

16 Mar 2020

During a visit to Sri Lanka as part of the IPA Friendship Tour organised by IPA Sri Lanka in 2014, Hong Kong-based entrepreneur Mr. S.K. Liu, founder of a Donor Agency along with his cousin, IPA Member David Tak Shing of IPA Hong Kong, noticed thesrilankacharity need for financial support to children in Sri Lanka who have the potential, but are lacking resources for their education.

In order to assist the development of the younger generation in Sri Lanka, Mr Liu agreed to provide financial support to the childrens’ education, in particular for the children of the Sri Lankan Police, who will or are already attending university, as he believes that a strong and well educated generation could better assist the future development of Sri Lanka.

The donor organisation is a private charitable outfit, registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), and one of its main donation criteria is to assist the education of students who have academic potential but are lacking financial support.

As an initial step, Mr. S.K. Liu offered a total of 20 scholarships, each amounting to Rs. 5000 per month, for a period of three academic years, for university students who are children of Police Officers, commencing from the year 2015.

On completion of the first programme, and as a second step, Mr Liu increased the donation to 35 scholarships, each totalling Rs. 5000 per month, for a period of two academic years, for university students who are children of Police Officers from the year 2018.

On completion of the second programme, IPA Sri Lanka held the award ceremony of this event, fulfilling the third leg of the programme, on 29 January 2020 with the attendance of the Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police - Support Service, on behalf of the Acting Inspector General of Police and NEC Members of the Section.

Asoka Wijetilleka, Secretary General IPA Sri Lanka