IPA UK’s Robert Stenhouse reports on a challenging Master Taser Instructors Course at Gimborn

24 Jan 2020

The Master Taser Instructors course from 14-18 October 2019 was a Gimborn course with a difference. It was hosted by Axon (formerly known as Taser), and gave a professional qualification for an astonishingly affordable price. As you would expect with any qualification, it was a pass or fail course, and they set the bar high. Anyone passing the course will be seen as an ambassador for the company and needed to be subject matter experts.

As usual, the course was attended by officers from across the world, although everyone was from Europe on this particular course. Not all were IPA members, but many were. There were five of us from Section UK, all of whom were members of the IPA’s Defensive Tactics Group. Not surprising, since we have formed a close bond with Axon and have worked together on two other projects.

We hope to continue to work together and help improve officer safety. With luck they will be present at our UK COPS International personal safety training week this year, and they have agreed in principle, at this time, to run a short training course and maybe offer a few voluntary exposures to those bold enough to take up the challenge.

A golden opportunity to get that coveted ‘ride the five’ challenge coin.

Robert Stenhouse, Defensive Tactics Group IPA UK