IPA Women from the Baltics head to the Kingdom of Bahrain

08 Oct 2021

oct2Starting with an international symposium entitled “Resolution 1325 Women’s Peace and Security” that took place in March 2017 at the Baltic Sea on the ferry “Tallinn-Helsinki-Stockholm”, and continuing with the international Symposium „Women from World over”, which took place in March 2019 at the Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel in Estonia, this year (2021) IPA Estonia, in conjunction with other partners organised the international conference "Women in Leadership Creating a Better Future Together", which took place from 25-29 August 2021 in a beautiful country – the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The aim of this conference was to inspire and learn from each other, to meet women from different cultures, countries, level of gender equality and women's empowerment; to connect and be connected. It was also a good chance to build up new businesses together.



Four IPA women from the Baltics took part in the conference:
• Maret Tamra from Estonia (the founder of the conference),
• Laura ZaleskienÄ— from Lithuania (one of the conference speakers),
• as well as Ilze Ungure and Indra Luse from Latvia.

For all of us, it was a chance to connect and raise awareness, as well as gain more information about each other.
Most importantly, it was an opportunity for us to present the International Police Association to the conference, and to talk about the Police’s actions against domestic violence. We were also keen to share a vital message - that we must cherish each other.


After the conference we took part in workshops in different ministries and institutions.

The IPA Baltic women had the honour of visiting the General Directorate of Women Police under the Ministry of the Interior of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where we were welcomed by Director-General Mona Abdulraheem.

We listened to Bahraini women's history in police forces, shared our practice fighting against domestic violence, and talked about the strength of female police officers, as well as their daily lives at home and at work.

It was a very pleasant talk, and we realised that we were united by the same mission. We hope that in the future, the Kingdom of Bahrain will become a member of our International Police Association family.

With warm regards,

Laura ZaleskienÄ— and Maret Tamra, Board members of IPA Lithuania / Estonia