‘Life is better with Friends’ International Friendship Week in Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia

16 Sep 2019

IPA Slovakia’s regional group Rimavská Sobota organised an International Friendship Week from 28 July – 4 August 2019, which was attended by IPA members from Spain, Belgium, Ireland and Sweden.

It was a fantastic group of kind and friendly people, who were welcomed by the Mayor of Rimavská Sobota, the Director of the District Police Headquarters, as well as by the heads of the police station and the Municipal police. Throughout the event, we travelled a lot and saw many interesting places. We tried to show our colleagues attractions of a forgotten region.

We ventured underground, into the caves, and also reached the second highest peak of Slovakia.

We visited the highest working place in Slovakia, the Observatory on the Lomnický peak. In addition, we visited locations included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as the cross-border Geopark.

We explored places of ancient history, and areas of rest and relaxation. We travelled by historic steam train along the railway route through the beautiful countryside.

Together, as a tribute to the IPA, we unveiled the IPA Friendship stone, which is from now on located in the city park in Rimavská Sobota. We sincerely hope that this rock, displaying the motto ‘Life is better with friends’ gives out a message not only for the members of the IPA, but for all people.

Of course, we also found time for fun, both in the countryside and in the hotel.

And since it is true that time flies faster amongst good people, the week passed in a moment!

Peter Vígh, Chairperson Regional Group of Rimavská Sobota, IPA Slovakia