Memorandum of Understanding signed between the IPA and the World Association of Detectives

01 Oct 2019

wad3The International Police Association and the World Association of Detectives (WAD) have agreed to establish collaboration. We will share information on lecturers and speakers available for both associations with IPA sections and with IBZ Gimborn. In addition, we hope to organise joint training seminars on topics of interest for both associations.  The IPA will promote membership in the World Association of Detectives to IPA members moving to the private investigator or security service professional business,  and WAD will do vice versa regarding IPA membership.

The reception evening at the Courtyard Hotel in Stockholm marked the start of the agreement that has now been in force since 31 August 2019. More than 200 WAD members attended the event and were extremely pleased to be able to surprise the Chairperson of the Professional Commission by handing over the ‘Investigator of the Year Award’: 

‘WAD would like to take the opportunity and convey our sincere congratulations to May-Britt V. R. Ronnebro on being the recipient of the ‘Investigator of the Year Award’, at WAD’s 94th Annual Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. This great accomplishment reflects her professionalism and outstanding service within the investigation industry, and WAD wishes her continued success in all endeavours.’

WAD’s 94th Annual Conference handed over 1,000 Euros to the Ronald McDonald Foundation, and during the reception evening and the following gala evening, drawings painted by children from the Ronald McDonald house were sold for an additional 800 Euros. Mrs. Anna-Karin Norrman, who represented the Ronald McDonald Foundation, was overwhelmed by the generosity.


The IPA and the Professional Commission are now looking forward to the collaboration with the World Association of Detectives and their new President Dan Rusu, who happens to be a retired police officer and active IPA member.

May-Britt V.R. Ronnebro, Chairperson Professional Commission