National Day Celebration The March of Glory – IPA Mauritius

26 Jun 2019

The National Day of the Republic of Mauritius was celebrated with great splendour on 12th of March 2019.maur1

This year, members of IPA Mauritius Section brought special prestige to the event by taking part for the first time in an official parade at state level. The participation in the parade was one in a series of events planned by our association to commemorate its golden jubilee.

The spectators were able to witness a great sense of pride and honour when a 26-man platoon proudly paraded the IPA flag in an event of such grandeur. Filled with exhilaration, the participants showcased a lively parade in front of the whole nation.

The march began with Inspector Ramgolam leading the IPA platoon and Police Sergeant Nothoo (IPA MauritiusTreasurer) as the flag bearer.

It was a spectacular display, with the IPA motto ‘Servo per Amikeco’ prominently displayed to the entire country.

I wish to mention that all things are possible to a person who stands on the foundations of honour and, as it is often said, there is no passion more universal than pride.

The presence of the IPA platoon among other units marching on the occasion of the National Day is a testimony of our commitment and dedication to our association, and it has certainly led us to a great feeling of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

The ‘March for Glory’ has instilled in us a building block of a healthy self-esteem.

IPA Mauritius is grateful to the Commissioner of Police who once again stood by our side and showed his unflinching support to showcase the IPA during the National Day parade.

Outam Kumar Guness, President IPA Mauritius