New International Forum for Development of Policing

21 Nov 2018

trevor-e1534970420943-300x300mac-e1534970605201-295x300PoliceTalent is a new platform and forum for police leaders, police officers, politicians and others who want to contribute to the positive developing of policing.

Through the three media of Facebook, a website and a YouTube channel, PoliceTalent will put the spotlight on positive changes, effective work methods, and organisational change. With this, PoliceTalent hopes to have a positive impact not just on policing but also on employees, and the community the police is to guard. The goal of this forum is to offer examples of best practice and practical leadership guidance based on practitioners’ experience and academic results. PoliceTalent focusses on and emphasises the positive movement for an effective 21st century policing.

This is a forum for everyone who wants to make a difference. Contributors are:

  • Chief of Police Mac Tristan (Coppell, Texas, USA),
  • Ann-Christine Andersson Arntén, the Swedish Police,
  • Senior Professor Trevor Archer, University of Gothenburg, Department of Psychology and Leader of the Swedish network.

ac-e1534970849667-300x296For further information see:

May-Britt V.R. Ronnebro, Chairperson of the Professional Commission