New IPA Romania competition RO-PENTA a full Success

26 Dec 2021

IPA Region 1 Bucharest has been and will remain an example of the standards it sets for each event.

Mr. Dincă Luigi, the President of the region, wanted to bring more dynamism and energy, and he succeeded.


RO-PENTA, a competition with five disciplines in its first edition, was an opportunity for IPA members to demonstrate their strength, balance, team spirit and skill. The elements were of medium difficulty, with women also in the participating teams.

All this was possible due to an exceptional organisation, where the main goal was again to bring together people with the same passions, and attracting IPA members from Romania as well as from abroad.

We would like to thank all collaborators who supported this event and who contributed to the success of this competition.


We are convinced that next year, for the second edition of RO-PENTA, we will have other surprises, but also a participation level matching the organisers' efforts!


Mihai-Liviu Tărtăreanu, President IPA Romania