New National Board - IPA Japan

08 Sep 2020

japcon5The National Congress of IPA Japan in 2020 was originally scheduled for 18 April 2020, in Chiba Prefecture.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the congress was postponed to 18 July 2020.  Throughout the pandemic, the members of the Chiba Branch, led by Chief Tabe and Secretary Fujise, prepared hard for this big event.

japconAt one time, the coronavirus infection in Japan seemed to cool down to a certain extent, but from the beginning of July, the number of people infected sharply increased once more, especially in Tokyo, which is next to Chiba Prefecture. Therefore, it suddenly became a difficult decision whether to hold the National Congress as planned, or to suspend it again.

The Executive Board discussed this issue online on many occasions, and in the end, President Kanetaka decided to hold the Congress on schedule, while adapting all the prevention measures suggested by the government to stem the spread of the coronavirus, which include social distancing, measuring the temperature of the participants, wearing facial masks, hand disinfection, full ventilation of the room, etc. Furthermore, we reduced the number of congress participants, especially those who would have needed to travel long-distance by plane or by bullet train, to avoid time spent in crowded spaces or close contact among people.

The National Congress was chaired by President Kanetaka. Firstly, the reports of the National Executive Board and of the branch chairpersons were on the agenda, following this, the accounts 2019, the budget 2020, including the International Friendship Week in Japan in March 2021 were approved. Afterwards, we approved a motion containing amendments to the National Statues and Rules, proposed by the President, which increases the national board by 3 members: Vice President, as well as Secretaries for Public Relations, and for Women and Young Members’ Affairs. These amendments aim to strengthen the cooperation with the public, and to accelerate the participation and activities of women and the young in our section.

Lastly, the election of the Executive Board members took place, and all 7 members were elected unanimously for the next 3-year term. With regard to the result of the election, we would like to highlight that Mr Takiguchi became the first acting officer in the Board of Section Japan, and Ms Takenaka is the first female office holder of our section. We, the members of the Executive Board, will work together and make every effort to develop the section, and to enhance international cooperation with all the IPA sections around the world.


The new National Board of IPA Japan:


Mr Masahito Kanetaka

Vice President:

Mr Kunio Igarashi

Secretary General:

Mr Toru Warigaya


Mr Kunio Inagaki

Travel Secretary:

Mr Ryoji Suzuki

Project and Operation Secretary:

Mr Katsuhiro Nishino

Public Relations Secretary:

Mr Hidehito Takiguchi

Secretary for Women and Young Members’ Affairs

Ms Mitsuko Takenaka

The new National Board of IPA Japan:

After the congress, Mr Yuki Kurita, a young member of the Chiba Branch, who had attended the Canada IPA 2019 Training Conference, gave us a presentation on the useful professional study and the pleasant experience in Vancouver. We would like to thank IPA Canada warmly once more for this event!

In the evening we had organised a small party to commemorate the National Congress in Chiba. Even though it was only a short congress, held under the restrictions to avoid the risk of coronavirus, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with our IPA colleagues and friends. During the party, President Kanetaka shared a congratulatory message from the Vice Commissioner General of the National Police Agency of Japan, in which he expressed the sincere solidarity of the NPA with IPA Japan. 

Next year, the Kyoto Branch will be in charge of hosting the National Congress, and we are all looking forward to getting together again in the ancient capital of Japan in 2021.


Toru Warigaya, Secretary General IPA Japan