New National President - IPA Latvia

28 Feb 2020

On the 18th of January 2020, the annual meeting of the IPA Latvian section was held in Jūrmala.

During the meeting we had many discussions about the future of our section, such as membership requirements, a new and improved structure of the National Board, and most importantly: the elections of a new board.

On behalf of all members of IPA Latvia I would like to inform all of you that it is a great honour for me to be re-elected as the President of IPA Latvia, and I am pleased to introduce the new board members to you:

Secretary General:

Mr Vitālijs Kalugins


Mr Aldis Pāže

Members of the Management Board:

Mr Elvijs Bogdanovs, Mr Inguns Pičs and Mrs Arta Mūrmane

We will continue to strengthen friendship with other member states, continue to develop our projects with our neighbour countries, thus hoping to increase our membership, and most importantly we will continue to serve through friendship!

Best wishes to our friends all over the world!

On behalf of all IPA Latvian section members,

Ilze Ungure, President IPA Latvia