New National President - IPA Netherlands

08 Feb 2020

W Schewe NL 2020 2Dear IPA friends,

I welcome this opportunity to share some information on both myself, as well as on the strategy of our new IPA Netherlands board for the new term ahead of us.

I started my career in the police as a patrol officer and gained experience in a wide range of police expertise over a period of 49 years. I am now a senior police officer (retired commissioner). I worked in the field of anti-terrorism, organised crime, the mounted police, canine policing, IT departments, technical support units, policy making, facility management, traffic police and international policing, and participated in managerial training courses in several countries, as well as CEPOL and Europol.

My last international policing experience was gained as a senior advisor in three European networks: Aquapol, Railpol and Tispol, where I was responsible for security, crime and matters of terrorism. I also worked as an EU resident twinning advisor in the Balkans, and have lived in Africa, Middle and South America, and Europe.  Over the last decades, I performed my strategic management skills nationally and internationally, and worked for the Netherlands’ National Police Agency, the EU, the United Nations and in multi- and bilateral cooperation projects. 

I took over the Presidency of IPA Netherlands on 17 January 2020, and I am glad to announce that we have a complete board again. Our first board meeting took place on 20 January, and the atmosphere and positivity were very noticeable.

If the IPA in the Netherlands stands for continuity, a survival strategy will be a necessity. When I look at the aims for our board, in the short term it will be to steer our finances in the right direction again. IPA Netherlands suffered considerable losses over the last few years, and our aim is to put financial things right again within two years.

In the mid-term, we would like to invest in new and young members of the IPA in the Netherlands.  During the early 90’s of the last century, the IPA in the Netherlands had almost 12,000 members, whereas this figure has now reduced to just over 5000 members. Contacts with students in various police academies in the Netherlands will be established. We will add an extra member to the board, who will be responsible for enlisting new and young members again. This forms a part of the survival strategy for our section. At the end of our term, we hope to have more members than we have now, which will not be easy, looking at the average age of our members.

Willem Schewe, President IPA Netherlands