OBITUARY Peter Seiersen

20 Feb 2019

Peter Seiersen, a well-loved IPA member from Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada, passed away on 26 December 2018 after a long battle with cancer.

He was an active member of Region 9 in Canada and attended many international events and friendship weeks across the IPA world.  My wife Dianne and I were always happy and honoured to be in their company on numerous IPA coach trips. He also, on occasion, rendered service as an observer at IEC meetings, despite having travelled for the social programme at his own expense.

Proud of his Danish roots, Peter was a true Canadian, born in Edmonton, a Korean War veteran, a Vancouver City policeman and later, a successful businessman. Peter was also a long-time President of the Korean War Veterans’ Association, and he was honoured last year with a decoration by the Republic of Korea Government.

He leaves his wife Young Sook, his three children, Wendy, Fred and Lori, 6 grand-children and 2 great grandchildren as well as Young Sook's four children, So Young, Joy, Sophia and Kevin, and 7 grand-kids.

Peter was a true gentleman and faithful friend, with a wealth of great tales from his many adventures.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Stephen Crockard, Head of Administration