Obituary Roy Stragnér

07 Jul 2021

IPA Sweden is in mourning.

On 21 June 2021, the longest day of the year, Roy Stragnér passed away after a long illness, surrounded by his immediate family. He leaves behind his son Robert with his wife Madeleine, his grandchildren Emmy, Johanna, Sebastian and Carl, as well as many friends.

Born on 27 March 1930 in the parish of Björkäng's (now Töreboda), Roy had a good career in the Swedish Police. Amongst many other roles, he was the first Swedish Police Liaison officer in the Netherlands, and laid the foundations for this role, which is still in force today. His wife Arina, who he was married to for over 60 years, came from the Netherlands. Roy Stragnér was an educated man and a valued colleague.

IPA Sweden remembers Roy Stragnér as one of its members who put Sweden on the map on an international level during his 50 years of IPA membership. He quickly found himself elected National President of the Swedish section, and received international attention in connection with the IEC meeting in Gothenburg in 1977.

A member of the Permanent Executive Bureau from 1982 onwards, he served as International 2nd Vice President from 1982-1985, as International 1st Vice President from 1985-1988, before leading the IPA as International President from 1988-1994.

For Roy Stragnér, family was important, and he was happy to talk about his children and grandchildren. IPA came next, and he was keen to keep up to date with all IPA developments, both via the IPA Newsletter, or telephone conversations with active members.

We send our sincere condolences to Roy Stragnér's family in this moment of sorrow. We remember him fondly and with gratitude.

Condolences can be sent to:

Mr Robert Stragnér, Lekullen 11, 433 70 Sävedalen, Sweden.

We will miss Roy.

May-Britt Ronnebro & Ivan Sokolowski, former & current Presidents IPA Sweden