Photo Exhibition ‘Always on Duty’

27 May 2020

During the IEB and Commission Meeting in Gimborn, Michael O. A. Klapper opened his exclusive photo exhibition "JEDERZEIT IM EINSATZ" ("AT ANY TIME") that was to run from 6 March until 30 June 2020. The exhibition was planned to be presented in Gimborn to the seminar participants.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic closed our education facility IBZ Gimborn for the time being, and the next opportunity to see this interesting exhibition will hopefully be in Fulda at the Congress & Cultural Centre, Hotel Esperanto, during the National Congress of IPA Germany, due to take place from 20-22 August 2020. 

By exhibiting 20 colour photos in the size of 60 x 40 cm, Michael O. A. Klapper makes the audience aware of the danger police officers are facing every day. Police officers live their lives for security and to protect citizens. They are frequently insulted and threatened and are constantly exposed to physical conflict.


"Always on duty" - "On duty for you" - "On duty for your home country"!


The photo exhibition is available free of charge, however postage is to be paid by the exhibitor, and donations are welcome from visitors. The proceeds of the donations go to a non-profit organisation.

Please send any enquiries to:

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If you would like to see more of Michael O. A. Klapper’s work, please visit his homepage

May-Britt V.R. Ronnebro, Secretary General