Photo Shoot at Castle Gimborn

25 May 2020

gimb3For the last IEB Meeting in Gimborn, the IEB had booked IPA member Michael O.A. Klapper from Germany to take official individual photos and a group photo of the IEB members for the international website and other publications. Although two members of the IEB unfortunately were unable to attend, we were still able to go through with part of the project and are extremely pleased with the result.


Michael O. A. Klapper, an internationally recognised amateur photographer from Eichenzell in Germany, was born in the city of Fulda in 1957. His photography has taken him to various countries such as Austria, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

He is most known for his photography of architecture, landscape and long exposure. Michael likes to play with shadows and light. Through his image composition he manages to create the decisive difference that turns a photo into an unforgettable image.

This photo shoot was different, as Michael had to focus through the lens, play with the light of our faces, posture and dress code, to capture the moment where we looked relaxed and professional. I am happy to say that these photos add to the story of the IPA and represent a vision of time and place.

May-Britt V.R. Ronnebro, Secretary General