Planning for the Future: IPA Japan’s Annual Congress 2021

19 Jan 2022

This year's Annual Congress saw a change of venue and date: planned to be held by the Kyoto Branch in September 2021, our plans had to change due to the renewed spread of coronavirus, including in Kyoto itself, and the congress therefore took place in Tokyo on 27 November 2021. About 70 members from all over Japan participated.

The congress was chaired by our President Masahito Kanetaka. We approved the report on the previous year’s activities, as well as the plans for IPA Japan’s activities for 2022, the financial report 2020, as well as the budget for 2022.jpcong3

We also discussed an amendment of the statutes regarding the requirement for membership to recruit more persons, and next year's 60th anniversary projects. These amendments were also approved by all participants.

I am pleased to inform you that as part of our 60th Anniversary, we are going to organise a Friendship Week in Japan in 2023, at the end of March, the most beautiful season in Japan with cherry blossoms all over the country.During this tour, we will take you to Osaka, Himeji, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Tokyo and a lake near Mt. Fuji to enable you to fully enjoy the Japanese culture, history, and nature.We will circulate the details in May 2022, and are looking forward to your applications.

In the history of Section Japan, it was the first time that the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency attended the Annual Congres.

Commissioner Iataru Nakamura stated: "I would like to address you on behalf of all police officers in Japan. IPA Japan, a wonderful organisation, in cooperation with police organisations in Japan and other sections around the world, has been helping police officers cultivate their international mind and knowledge. I look forward to your future activities."


At the reception after the Congress, we were joined by about 40 supporting members who help IPA Japan’s activities. This was the first occasion for both of us and the supporting members to get together, and we enjoyed having a pleasant chat with each other. Look at everyone’s big smiles in the photo!

Next year, we will hold our 60th Anniversary Ceremonial Congress. I hope every member will get together in Tokyo with an even bigger smile!

Toru Warigaya, Secretary General IPA Japan