Police Dog Swoop given IPA Section UK Honorary Membership

12 Mar 2020

Police Dog Swoop has been given an honorary life membership in recognition of his work to showcase policing around the world.

Swoop was a mascot of a British Transport Police firearms officer (also an IPA member), initially for a bit of a laugh when out on patrol. It then turned into a a social media sensation and a great way to break down barriers for our firearms officers interacting with members of the public.

He is referred to as Police Dog Swoop (or PD Swoop), in the same vein as other 'real' police dogs.

You can also find him on his Twitter or Instagram accounts  where there are many pictures of him around the world:

https://twitter.com/police_swoop ; https://www.instagram.com/police_swoop/

So, look out for further news of PD Swoop when he attends the next BTP AGM in March 2020!

Chris Duncombe,  Branch Secretary Region 9, IPA UK