Police officers from IPA Poland’s Lower Silesia Region come to the rescue of their Moldovan colleagues

10 Jul 2020

pol1The coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world. It is not an easy time for anyone anywhere in the world. This period has highlighted how important helping other people in difficult situations is. Such help, on an international level, was excercised by members of the Lower Silesia Region of IPA Poland, who did not stay idle when a group of Moldovan citizens became stuck in Warsaw after the lockdown, and could not return home. But let’s start from the beginning.

The start of the pandemic struck all of us similarly. It all happened fast. Lockdown, bans, orders and closed borders. Suddenly, accustomed to freedom and travelling, we had to isolate ourselves from an invisible enemy overnight. Unfortunately, not everyone was at home with relatives at that time, some were even thousands of kilometers away from home, abroad. Eight citizens of Moldova residing in Poland were suddenly unable to return to their homeland. They were denied crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border, and practically deprived of their livelihoods, and they had to return to Warsaw.

The situation was dramatic, especially since among those in need was a woman with an advanced pregnancy. And it was during this difficult time that IPA members showed the real meaning of transnational friendship, when they reached out and offered help to their brethren from over the Dniester river.

The President of the IPA Region Głogów, Artur Klimaczak, received a call from his Moldovan colleague Mihail Lesnic from IPA Briceni, who informed him about the difficult situation of his fellow citizens: ‘They cannot return to their country, they are currently stuck in Warsaw, and the situation is an emergency’. One phone call was enough to launch a mission to help!

Artur Klimczak, together with IPA members Bartosz Sobota and Bartłomiej Krężel, and members of IPA Region Wrocław Andrzej Kamiński and Janusz Łuszpak decided to provide financial support to the Moldovans in need. Due to the fact that travelling between cities was limited at that time, they contacted IPA Poland’s Secretary General Ewa Dębowska, who lives in Warsaw, coordinated the operation on site and made a donation.

This altruistic help caused tears of emotion amongst the Moldovan group who had by then run out of means to overcome this situation. The help provided by the members of the IPA Lower Silesia Region enabled them to get through the next four days until a transport corridor was opened, and they could happily reunite with their loved ones. Members of IPA Poland involved in helping their Moldovan friends received an official thank-you from the President of IPA Moldova, Mikhail Cebotari.

This whole situation would not have happened, had it not been for the continuous cooperation between the officers of both countries. The friendship between brothers-in-blue began last year, when members of IPA Region Głogów visited their Moldovan friends and travelled with them across this picturesque part of Europe. At that time they had no idea that in a few months, there would be a crisis which would highlight the importance of international bonds developed through the cooperation between officers. And all of this in the name of IPA values, stated in the motto of Servo per Amikeco – Service through Friendship.

Text: Krzysztof Marcjan, translation: Michał Sługocki, IPA Poland