Readers' Corner - ‘When the Ancient Tree Falls’ – Jared Ojuok

28 May 2022

kebook2Mr. Jared Ojuok, HSC, Superintendent of Police and IPA Kenya’s Secretary General is currently deployed as the Public Information Officer in the Office of the Deputy Inspector General, Kenya Police Service. He is a distinguished scholar, an astute communicator, a transformative leader, and a family man.

A writer par excellence, Mr. Ojuok, wrote his inaugural fascinating novel entitled “When the Ancient Tree Falls”. The series of stories narrated through the thirteen chapters in the book highlight the various cultural practices and values among the Luo people. The novel is set in a remote Kenyan village and depicts the traditional political, socio-cultural, and economic life of the Luo community. The story is about the accomplishments of Ngode Aganyo, a pre-colonial community leader in the land of Mumbo, a confederation of six related clans. He was a great warrior and a judicious leader who led his clan with love and firmness, which made him the epitome of good morals and economic attainment within his community.

Jared Ojuok’s motivation to write the book was inspired by the African proverb, “A man who sees a hen scattering excrement should stop it, for who knows who will eat the leg?” From a security perspective, Mr. Ojuok believes that teaching the young generation traditional values and value systems will create a more cohesive society where good morals will be upheld, virtues of honesty, respect for seniors, and kinship ties will also be observed. Society will respect women and children, and participate jointly in bringing up a responsible successor generation that will carry forward the culture, the spirit of a people, informed by common belief systems and values.

As a communication enthusiast, Mr. Ojuok hopes to write more books that shall be read by school children across the globe to expose the world to the unique Kenyan talent, and more importantly to re-introduce the African cultural concepts to the global public psyche. (Text source: book cover)

If you are interested in buying Jared’s book, click:  Link to Jared Ojuok's e-book

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