Recognitions from the Socio-Cultural Commission presented at the World Congress 2018

19 Nov 2018

Competitions, awards and recognitions are not a goal in themselves, but rather a way to encourage and strengthen IPA sections and members to participate in IPA activities.


Sports Trophy 2018

44466840864 5f87d83dbe oI am extremely pleased that in 2017, 55,000 IPA members participated in almost 1,500 sporting events both nationally and internationally!

Sports is a major activity in all police forces, with almost all police officers, and in particular the younger ones, participating. The IPA Games in Lisbon in May 2018 aimed at contributing to international co-operation between sections, and proved to be a major attraction to younger police officers. Awards were presented to winning teams and individuals alike.

Looking at sports activities organised throughout 2017, the following IPA sections reported more than 3,000 participants taking part in sports activities: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Romania, and Serbia.

The IPA Sports Trophy for 2017 was awarded during the gala dinner of the World Congress, according to a formula that takes into consideration not only the number of events and participants, but also the number of members in a section. This year’s sports trophy was awarded to IPA section Poland.


Video Competition 2018

Managed by SCC member Kikis Pericleous in conjunction with a team of judges from Cyprus, the IPA Video Competition 2018 results are as follows:






IPA Russia / Moscow region

400 €


IPA Portugal

300 €


IPA Israel

200 €


IPA Brazil

Certificate of Participation


IPA Greece / Trikala region

Certificate of Participation


IPA Kenya

Certificate of Participation


IPA Serbia

Certificate of Participation



Website Awards

Awarded each year, these recognitions are not the result of a competition, but aim to reward high-quality national IPA websites and sites showing progress in this field. The use of the internet, new apps and social networks enable us to provide a quality service to members. There has been significant progress in this area, and every year we discover innovations and a great deal of investment by our sections, who develop new options and services for our members. All gold website awards were presented to the following sections during the gala evening of the World Congress:

Andorra  |  Australia  |  Belgium  |  Brazil  |  Croatia  |  Cyprus  |  Czech Republic  |  Estonia  |  Finland  |  Greece  |  Ireland  |  Israel  |  Italy  |  Lithuania  |  New Zealand  |  Norway  |  Romania  |  Serbia  |  Slovenia  |  South Africa  |  Spain  |  Sweden  |  Switzerland  |  UK | Ukraine and USA.

Denmark, FYRO Macedonia, Kenya, Macau, Montenegro and Poland were granted silver website awards.


I would like to congratulate all awardees of the 2018 SCC recognitions and at the same time express my gratitude to all IPA members and sections who took part and assisted.

Adv. Gal Sharon, IPA Vice President and Chairperson of the SCC