Riders of the IPA LE MC ROMANIA Chapter Zalău

26 Nov 2021

Passion is always the engine of any progress. Behind every remarkable achievement lies the toil of individuals full of aspirations.

This is also the case with Daniel "Dan" Hadade, President of the RIDERS OF IPA LE MC ROMANIA Chapter Zalău, who did not give up until he brought this project to Romania.

In the course of a few years, it became certain that this group would grow, that we would have the first motorcycle events, and that we would continue to enjoy the friendship of those who welcomed us into this great family.

We are grateful to the RIDERS OF IPA LE MC Poland, Sir Stanislaw "Stanley" Dyngosz and Sir Slawomir "Kiwaczek" Brotaj for guiding us, and for all our other brothers for being with us.

We wish you good roads and dry asphalt!


Mihai Liviu Tărtăreanu, President IPA Romania