Rose Lourme – IPA in her Heart, IPA in her Mind!

15 Dec 2021

A woman with an exceptional passion for our association and full of commitment, Rose Lourme was elected to the post of Assistant Secretary General of IPA France in 2007, became Secretary General in 2009, national President in 2012, and has now become IPA France’s national Treasurer for the next three years.

Rose fell in love with the IPA in 1993, when she joined the Northern region of the French section. Love for the association was combined with love for her local IPA representative, Paul, who became her husband and partner. Their lives and their IPA actions have now been intertwined for 27 years.

A woman full of action and conviction, her personal investment has successfully influenced many events. Upon her election as national Secretary General in 2009, the first woman elected to this post, she chaired the organising committee of the IPA’s International Executive Conference held in Paris in 2010. During the 14 months leading up to the event, she ensured everything necessary was done to make this congress unforgettable. Rose was rewarded for her efforts with the IPA Bronze Medal, presented to her by the International President, Michael Odysseos, at the end of the conference.

Fully convinced by our associative history, and with many ideas yet to be brought to fruition, Rose wanted to contribute even more to our future, and decided to stand for President in the national elections in 2012, resulting in her becoming the first female President of the French section. Continuing at a fast pace, she went back to the source of our section by meeting our founder, Max Florentin; in 2013 she organised the 60th anniversary of IPA France, and in 2014, the International Youth Gathering.

Having received national and international recognition, Rose was elected for a second term as national President in 2015, at the end of which she was awarded the position of  Honorary National President. Aware of her responsibilities, she always made sure to thank the teams involved, as well as praise the incredible encounters and unforgettable exchanges generated by IPA friendship.

In 2018, she put herself at the service of the northern region, taking over the presidency in 2020, while at the same time integrating the National Internal Commission and working on the revision of our national statutes and its internal regulations. Rose, employed at the Police Academy and an attentive mother, probably thought that IPA involvement on a national level was no longer appropriate, and that her favourite hobby of accompanying IPA members on trips would be her ultimate pleasure, but as we all know, things never turn out as expected ...

Faced with a need to find a new Treasurer in the recent French elections, Rose offered her services once more, and was elected into the team of President Thierry Larrouy. An exceptional achievement, as she is first  woman to hold all three essential positions of an IPA Section: Secretary General, President and Treasurer.

The new, rejuvenated National Board will be privileged to benefit from an unparalleled experience, the experience of a woman with IPA in her heart and IPA in her mind!

Daniel Condaminas, Honorary President IPA France