22 Jan 2019

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16 March 1961, Extraordinary WC Paris

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1966 8th IEC, Toronto

1976 VIII WC, Calgary

1997 XV WC, Québec

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Chris Barratt

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Aims and Objectives

As noted in the IPA Canada constitution, the aims and objectives of the IPA Canadian Section shall be consistent with those of the International Police Association. In order to fulfill this obligation, IPA Canada strives to undertake the following:CAlogo

  • To unite all serving and retired members of the police service, with the view to establishing ties of friendship and mutual aid among them.
  • To facilitate exchange holidays, pen friendships and group visits.
  • To encourage and stimulate the work of public service. To promote respect for law and the maintenance of order among members of the police service in all member countries and when the opportunity arises, to engage in social and cultural activities.
  • To render assistance to non-members when such is deemed necessary in the interest of humanity and common decency.
  • To exchange publications regularly among national Sections with the view to encouraging relations between members of the IPA throughout the world.
  • To establish a correspondence service to inform members on all subjects of interest to the Association.

Timeline Highlights

CAfounderIPA Canada was officially recognized by International on March 16, 1961 after much work by our Founder Rev. Charles Wright of Region 1, and a retired member of the London, Ontario Police Service. Charles Wright later went on to assist IPA USA to become established in the Association as well. Charles passed away on January 20, 2016 at the age of 90 years. As of 2010, on March 16 of each year, IPA Canada regions recognize this date as Founder’s Day.  

From our inception in 1961, our Ordinary Membership Category included: serving or retired Police Officers and Military Police. Auxiliary Police members were considered Associate Members.

In 1995 we added Police Cadets and Special Constables that possess the powers of a Police Officer to the Ordinary category.

In 2004 we added permanent Canada Customs Officers with the power and obligations of a Peace Officer.

In 2007 the above was changed to permanent Canada Border Service Agency officers with the power and obligations of a Peace Officer.

In 2014 we added serving, former and retired, civilian members of a police service who work directly with front line officers on receiving and/or dispatching calls for service, crime scene and forensic investigations.

The National Executive Board now sitting for the IPA Canada Section in 2018 is the most diversified NEB team in the history of IPA Canada. With members from five of our fifteen regions, covering three geographical areas, with both retired and serving members, including four women and three men, of which four members are bilingual.

Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Service

Ottawa, Ontario

f) MemorialOn September 24, 1998, the Government of Canada officially proclaimed the last Sunday of September of every year as Police and Peace Officers’ National Memorial Day. This National Memorial Day gives Canadians an opportunity each year to formally express appreciation for the dedication of police and peace officers, which made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our communities safe.

Unfortunately, our comrades are falling at an alarming rate, three to five officers per year. In 1978 the first Memorial honoured 14 officers. In 2018 the names of over 865 fallen officers were engraved on the Honour Roll tablets, which are now located in their new temporary location, along the perimeter wall on Parliament Hill, near East Block, close to the Famous Five statues.

IPA Canada Snapshot

IPA Canada’s fifteen regions from coast to coast welcome you to visit. Each region offers you some of the most beautiful scenery, friendliest people and most savoury food. Contact the Travel Secretary for your section to obtain the required travel forms for International Travel assistance.




Looking ahead:

Some future endeavours for IPA Canada are an IPA Canada Region 2 sponsored Friendship Week, May 31 to June 8, 2019 as well a Region 7 sponsored Friendship week August 30 to September 12, 2019.  Details can be found at:

Region 2 Friendship Week:

Region 7 Friendship Week: ;

In addition, IPA Canada Region 11 is proud to sponsor their first annual Police Insignia Collectors Meet on June 29, 2019, in Windsor, Ontario. All Firefighters, Emergency Medical and Canada Border Services Officers are also invited to participate. Any international participants will definitely be welcomed. For more information, please email:

Region 11 Police Insignia Collectors Meet: