Spartan Race – Physical Limits for IPA Germany Friends

17 May 2022

Spartan Races are extreme obstacle courses, taking place in various countries.

21 German IPA friends recently took part in a Spartan Race in Munich. Although it was at the beginning of April, the weather conditions made it feel like winter – snow and cold.

The race included jumping over a real firewall, carrying heavy weights uphill and walking with iron chains – 5 kilometres and 20 obstacles.

In August 2022, the IPA German Section will compete with a team in the Xletix Challenge, a tough mud and obstacle race near Stadtoldendorf in Germany: the first IPA team member finishing after 1:15 hours, and the last one after 1:54 hours, our IPA competitors celebrated their achievement with a hearty meal and Bavarian beer.


Hubert Vitt, Vice President IPA Germany