#StayHome #SaveLives

29 May 2020

home1One of the main goals of the International Police Association is to support the professional and socio-cultural exchange and interaction between different countries and different state authorities. Promoting social distancing, therefore, seems to be directly opposed to the intentions and values of our unique organisation.

Over the past weeks and months, we have all had to face the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our societies. Some of our members have been personally affected, and friends or family members have lost their lives. This has been a


nd still is a tragic situation for all of us, and there are no words to describe losing a loved one.

A huge number of our members are used to travelling without limitations and to move freely in their personal spheres. Open borders are a normality for members from Schengen-Countries. But things have changed during this challenging time.

We wanted to send out a sign to our members that we are still united and facing this challenge together. This is why we started to promote the #StayHome initiative and asked sections to join. Our active duty members printed out a sign with the IPA emblem and some hashtags printed on it. They sent us pictures to publish via social media in order to show our members that we are caring, and are still supporting each other.

A lot of IPA sections have  joined and have started sending  pictures, which are published online.

#StayHome and #SaveLives opened new ways of communication such as video conferencing and online chats for IPA special interest groups. Even though we might need to keep social distancing for some time, we are still united.

Servo Per Amikeco

Philipp Kurz, Member of the Professional Commission