Successful Delivery of IPA Brazil’s ‘Christmas Letter Project’

15 Jan 2022

On 3 December 2021, the Brazilian IPA Section successfully completed this year’s “Christmas Letters” social project, when it delivered Christmas gifts in a solemn commemorative event, which was attended by important partners, including the Business Professional Women, the Latin American Academy of Human Sciences, the Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce, and the World Peace Committee in Brazil.

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IPA Brazil’s “Christmas Letters” project aims to collect letters asking Santa Claus for Christmas presents, originating from vulnerable children from 3-11 years, from post offices, day care centres, orphanages, schools and the indigenous community, so that IPA Brazil can collect the requested toys and help Santa. In 2021, IPA Brazil answered 1,462 requests.

The methodology applied this year’s Christmas Letters 2021 initiative resulted in countless positive reactions by the media, as a truly successful social project. The president of the IPA in Brazil said: “... the result of the “Christmas Letters” project launched this year was in fact our Christmas present, as we see the happiness on the faces of the children when IPA Brazil’s Father Christmas delivered his little Christmas gifts. It is something priceless, in addition to seeing those people who joined the project, who, in addition to being bold, showed the true Christmas spirit. I am grateful to the IPA for these moments.”This year, IPA Brazil included a charity dinner in the project. The highlight of this event was a lecture by renowned writer Augusto Cury, and a musical performance by the Suzuki Music School, plus sopranos, tenors, and baritones, in addition to renowned instrumentalists and pianists. During a solemn moment, he carried out the symbolic delivery of the gifts to the leaders of the Brazilian Postal Service, Correios do Brasil, for the purpose of home delivery, and to the managers of the chosen entities. But it did not stop there, as the children's gifts were also delivered by IPA Brazil’s Father Christmas, Papa Noel, and his assistants, directly to the children in day care centres, orphanages, schools and the indigenous community.

Joel Zarpellon Mazo, President IPA Brazil